What is Debt Counselling in South Africa

Debt Counselling was introduced to provide a definite process for helping a customer with over indebtedness. The process provides a consistent system of debt restructuring, enforcement and judgement, which places priority on the eventual satisfaction of all responsibilities for the consumer’s obligations under the credit agreements.

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The process of Debt Counselling was developed to offer an option for consumers who cannot meet their monthly obligations under current credit agreements. Their available amount for debt repayments is calculated after all basic living expenses have been budgeted for. Basic living expenses get priority before making provision for credit repayments. Debt counselling provides you with more breathing space without getting into trouble with your creditors for paying less than the original installments.


Debt Counselling in South Africa can be summarised as a procedure where a person, who can no longer afford to meet all his monthly debt obligations, can apply with a debt counselor to negotiate on his behalf with his creditors for reduced monthly repayments

Why do you need a debt counsellor?

Debt Counsellors are trained individuals who will help you to deal with your debt. They will deal with your creditors and come to a win-win agreement that will allow you to cover your normal day to day living expenses and apportion the remainder of your available funds to your creditors.


Debt counselling South Africa is there to help the well over in debt clients to get out of your debt and enjoy the protection from creditors taking legal action against you!


Remember, as a consumer you have the right to Debt Counselling to enable you to restructure your debts. Do not be bullied but act NOW for a better tomorrow for you and your family. Its time to breath and enjoy life AGAIN!


You CAN!