Debt Review No financial situation is without hope

Difficul t financial situation is a reality for many of us. The rising cost of credit may leave you finding things a little tight at the end of each month. Working together with our Debt Counsellors, we have created a solution to help you overcome your debt worries, while shielding you against creditors who want to take legal action against you.

We can offer protection against legal action from creditors and the long term side effects of being placed into personal administration. It also provides individuals with a way to repay their debts while ensuring that they still have the ability to meet their daily living expenses.

So, If you are struggling to meet your monthly repayments and facing possible legal action, Debt Counselling South Africa could offer you the financial solutions you need!

We service the whole of South Africa and our assessments are free and confidential with all clients.

Be rest assured, your help is on your way!

Do You Qualify?
You can be a candidate if you:

  • Are struggling to pay your current debt on time.
  • Do not have sufficient funds to pay debt after essential living expenses.
  • Are most likely unable to pay future debt should you acquire further credit.

Benefits of debt counselling

What Debt Counselling Will Do For You!

  • pay affordable monthly instalment
  • sufficient funds for living expenses
  • credit providers communicate with your debt counsellor
  • if not already listed, the NCA protects you from being blacklisted
When you come on board with Debt Away, our qualified debt counsellors will be able to shield the over in debt consumer from aggressive creditors who are all too quick to take legal action and not always willing to listen or understand the consumer’s problem. Going the Debt counselling route will protect the consumer from creditors taking legal action. We have found that in many cases the consumer and creditor benefits from debt counselling.
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