Warning: Debit order reversal SCAM

From The Intuitive Team: It has come to our attention that a small number of consumers have been called by a person claiming to be from the NPDA.  The person informs the consumers that the NPDA has changed its bank account details. He instructs the consumers to do a debit order reversal on their latest debit order and pay the funds into a bank account the SCAMMER gives details for.  The bank account details are communicated via a gmail address.

Please take note that the NPDA/intuitive will NEVER ask a consumer to
reverse a debit order. Will reflect negatively on your debt review status.

If your consumer is requested to reverse his/her debit order, by someone
purporting to be from intuitive/NPDA, the consumer should confirm this
request by calling us on 0861 861 861 or by emailing us on
help[at]intuitive.co.za.  We will never communicate via an email address
domain like gmail or hotmail.

Consumers should be encouraged to use BDF (predefined beneficiary) when
paying via an EFT to avoid paying their contributions into an incorrect
bank account.

As a further precaution, we urge Care Premier platform users, to provide an
“end date” to users created on the system to avoid staff that are no longer
employed with your firm, having continued access to your data and customer base.

On Eminence platform users, we urge you to notify us of any staff changes
to enable us to revoke access to the system.

Please contact us should you have any queries in this regard.

Kind Regards

The intuitive Team

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